Second Chance Rental Program 

Unlocking Rental Opportunities with Confidence

Life can be full of unexpected surprises, and sometimes that means facing challenges in renting homes and apartments due to evictions, broken leases, and poor credit. Fortunately, there is hope for second chance renters, and that hope comes in the form of Second Chance Rental Inc.

We are providing a new method of renting that takes into account more than just your past. We understand that evictions, broken leases, and poor credit don’t necessarily reflect who you are as a renter, which is why we use your renter’s identification number to help determine your eligibility.

Our program has helped thousands of renters nationwide

How Our Services Benefit Second Chance Renters

We are here to help renters like you gain access to rental properties without having your personal credit serve as a barrier. Our unique services provide advantages such as

No. 1

Quick Approval Process:

Forget waiting for weeks to know if your rental application is approved. Our process typically takes 14-30 days.

No. 2

No Personal Credit Check:

 Our focus is on alternative methods of approval to avoid jeopardizing your chances due to poor credit.

No. 3

Access to our Second Chance Rental Database

Thousands of rental options catered specifically to individuals with evictions, broken leases, and poor credit.

No. 4

Backdated Rental History

We provide a perfect payment history for the last 24 months, giving you a competitive edge.

No. 5

Digital Platform Access

Safely enter your information and track your rental application via our Rent Access platform.